Tea and the environment

Environmentally friendly methods

From the beginning, visiting tea estates regularly made Palais des Thés feel highly concerned with environmental issues.

This naturally led us to start developing eco-friendly methods in 2008 in order
to lower the impact of our activity on the environment.

This page gives a brief overview of our work.


Compensation of greenhouse gas emissions for air freight

Most of our Rare and Ephemeral Teas arrive by air freight for optimum freshness, usually a few days or weeks after being plucked.

To lower the impact of this means of transport on climate, we compensate our emissions of CO2 through the financing of sustainable development related projects such as solar cookers in Cambodia and production of green charcoal in China.

This policy is carried out with the help of Action Carbone, an environmental non profit organization of GoodPlanet, and is a first step in taking action to protect our planet from climate change.

Certified organic teas

Palais des Thés also encourages farmers to develop organic agriculture in tea plantations and produce certified teas. Through regular visits to the tea estates, our team makes sure that clean farming methods are used and that the teas produced meet our quality standards.

The teas we have selected are both certfied by the French label AB and ECOCERT, an internationally recognized organic certification. These teas respect very strict articles and conditions and are only conditionned in sealed stay-freshed packets.

Some of our current projects

Reducing the amount of our packagings.
Possibility of using alternative means of transport for our deliveries and professional travellings.
Encouraging eco-friendly behaviours on the part of our associates and in our tea shops.
Using preferably recycled paper or paper coming from sustainably developed forests.

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