An exclusive box to share delicious moments

Two exceptional new blends inspired by the Parisian men and women



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Discover two flavoured blends, Paris for him and Paris for her,
inspired by the complementary elegance of the Parisian couple, and
beautifully packaged.

Find the two teas in this exclusive box, ideal to give or to
keep, to share delicious moments.

The Paris Gift Box includes:

  • a 100 g canister of
    Paris for him, a flavoured black tea that is
    intense and subtle, like a Parisian man. The notes of citrus,
    coriander and vanilla combine superbly in this elegant blend.
  • a 100 g canister of
    Paris for her, a flavoured green tea that is
    delicate and refined, like a Parisian woman. The notes of rose,
    raspberry and lychee are perfectly matched in this delicious floral




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