4 canisters of 30g of tea

Set of four tea miniatures



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Discover a selection of four tea miniatures that you can enjoy
throughout the day.

This set includes a tea suited to every time of day: morning,
meal times, afternoon and evening.

It contains four miniature canisters of 30g of the following

  • Big Ben: a smooth,
    invigorating, round and spicy blend of Yunnan and Assam, Big Ben is
    a traditional British breakfast tea. Ideal for the morning.
  • Pu Erh Imperial: a dark tea
    with a powerful aroma of damp earth, Pu Erh Imperial is valued in
    Chinese medicine. Ideal after a meal, it aids digestion.
  • Vive le Thé !: delicately
    flavoured with citrus fruit and ginger, this tea will lift your
    spirits and liven up your life! Scattered with pieces of orange, it
    can be enjoyed hot or iced throughout the day.
  • Thé des Songes: an Oolong
    tea with flowers and exotic fruit, scattered with delicate lavender
    and mallow petals, to enjoy in the evening.

Loose, whole-leaf tea.




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