With the Home office kit, you’ll get all your tea essentials to balance work and wellness.



We ship all over Israel


The kit contains:

- 100g of bergamot black tea (Blue of London)
- 100g of green tea with roasted rice (Genmaicha Yama)
- 100g of ORGANIC lime, chamomile, and orange blossom infusion (l'Herboriste N°74)
- La Tisanière - thanks to its integrated filter, it's the perfect way to enjoy tea at home

Before starting work, rise and shine with Blue of London, an Earl Grey offering remarkable balance and delicacy, and which is a perfect addition to your breakfast.

Genmaicha Yama, a surprising blend of green tea and roasted brown rice, gives you an energy boost and stimulates your creativity. Need a break? With its comforting roasted notes, it is perfect for a gourmet break.

L'Herboriste N°74, a refined blend of lime, chamomile and orange blossom with revitalising, soothing properties. As it is caffeine-free, it can be enjoyed at any time of day.