Set of 48 muslin teabags

Set of 48 muslin teabags



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To share or to give: discover the new selection box of flavoured
and single-origin teas in muslin bags!

An upmarket box with a magnetic closure that opens like a book,
containing eight different flavoured teas, with six cotton muslin
bags of each variety.

It also contains a booklet offering preparation advice and a
description of each tea, to help you choose the right tea to suit
your tastes and mood!

“Muslin tea bags” contains six cotton muslin bags of each of the
following teas:

  • Long Jing: a remarkable Chinese green tea
  • Margaret’s Hope: a delicious Himalayan black tea
  • Sencha Ariake: a delicate Japanese green tea
  • Grand Yunnan Impérial: a superb Chinese black tea
  • Thé du Hammam: sweet green tea with red fruit
  • Thé des Songes: Oolong with flowers and exotic
  • Vive le Thé !: green tea with ginger and citrus
  • Roiboos des Lords: caffeine-free Earl Grey 

    48 muslin tea bags of 2g.




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