About us

Our tea brand is "Palais des Thés" and was founded in 1987 by French founders. To ensure the freshness and quality of our products, we purchase the tea directly from the growers. The growth and working conditions of tea pickers, as well as enforce standards of safety and hygiene.

It is also our way of getting to know the cultures and people behind the tea up close. Thanks to the direct contact with the plantations and the preservation of close relationships with the suppliers, we are able to bring you the rarest, newest and most prestigious types of tea from around the world, along with maintaining environmental conditions, working conditions in the plantations and fair trade principles.

Palais des Thés shops in Israel

Dizengoff branch

In 2010, we opened the first Palais des Thés branch in Israel on Dizengoff Street in Tel Aviv. The store has a huge selection of amazing teas and infusions. The store also offers tea accessories, jugs and of course tea cups. You are welcome to come and ask any question about tea, our expert staff is waiting for you.

Dizengoff 131, Gordon Corner, Tel Aviv - 03-5221317
Sunday to Thursday: 9:30 – 20:00 | Saturday: 9:00 – 15:00

Sharona Market branch

In the summer of 2015, we opened our second branch in the country - Sharona Market. In the market you can buy food products from the best in the world and of course from our great tea. You are welcome to enjoy the underground car park that connects directly to the market. Excellent for those coming from outside Tel Aviv.

Kalman Magen 3, Tel Aviv - 03-5173935
Sunday - Thursday: 10:00 - 20:00 | Friday: 9:00 - 13:00 | Saturday: 10:00 - 20:00

Charles Peguine

Charles Peguine is the founder of Palais des Thés in Israel

François-Xavier Dalmes

Our founder, François-Javier Delmas, travels the world in search of fine tea. For the past 30 years he has spent most of his time in gardens and orchards, meeting farmers and producers. This gave him an in-depth knowledge of tea areas, terroirs and techniques, and above all he was allowed to form close relationships with people and dedicate their lives to making the best tea.

Thanks to this constant presence in the field, François-Xavier was able to taste some unusual teas and find rare stalactites that are expensive local specialties, but often completely unknown in the West. This inconceivable knowledge is especially reflected in the selection of rare, limited-edition teas and artistic passions available at La Plasse de Thes. Each week, François-Javier shares his knowledge on his blog, Discovering Tea, which describes his visit to tea plantations, the people he meets, and his thoughts and experiences.

Matthias Mint

Matthias Minet joined the Palais des Thes alongside François Xavier Delmas in the late 1990s. Together, they led the company's growth, bringing in as many people as possible tea. In 1999 they founded the Tea School to share their expertise and experience in tea tasting. They have also written two books on tea: Le Guide de dégustation de l'amateur de thé (2007 edition of Chêne), which has been a leading French guide to tea for the past 10 years, and most recently Somalia Tea, Le (Edition du Chnene 2016).

For 20 years, Matthias has been creating unique flavor blends for the Palais des Thes including very popular teas such as Thé du Hammam, London Blue Vive la thé!

Jean-Luc Fauscher-Carthage

Jean-Luc Poucher-Carto was a member of the small group of founders of the Palais des Thes in 1986. Excited about the venture from the beginning, Jean-Luc returned to the business in 2015 after an international career. At the invitation of his childhood friend, François-Javier Delmas, he currently serves as CEO of the Palais des Thes, an independent French independent company. Jean-Luc's love for tea matches his passion for business and his desire to allow the Palais des Thes to develop further in this fascinating field.


Locate the highest quality teas

Every year our experts travel in the tea plantations, especially in Asia.
There are many benefits to our people covering so much space and also tasting and buying tea on the spot. This allows us to find rare pickles, by looking beyond the usual circle of suppliers, to taste and share with you the pickles of small tea plantations that are often hidden from view.
Regular visits to tea plantations allow us to ensure regular control of the quality of the types of tea we purchase and also to check from time to time the picking methods and how the tea is worked and treated ...
Palais des Thés wants to share her passion for tea and introduce people to the taste pleasures offered by tea, which have remained hidden from the Western world for too long.

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Palais des Thés is first and foremost a group of people with a passion for tea who have been working in this field for more than 30 years. Palais des Thés offers the highest quality service and products, from blends with fragrances to rare tea varieties from the finest plantations in the world. The tea offers an inexhaustible variety of aromas and flavors. We are glad that we had the opportunity to introduce you to the world of tea, and we invite you to turn every cup of tea into an extraordinary pleasure. We want you to experience all that tea has to offer and share your experiences with others. Welcome to the world of Palais des Thés!

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Purchasing policy is responsible

  • Do not employ children or forced laborers
  • Respect the environment with the help of environmentally friendly farming methods
  • Do not cut down forests
  • Pay employees a fair wage
  • Respect health and safety standards
  • Discover the cultures of the world

Since its inception Palais des Thés has maintained a constant presence in the field and has created lasting relationships based on trust and friendship with the tea growers. Environment, sustainable development and fair trade are top priorities for Palais des Thés.
Our good knowledge of tea growers and plantation management methods allows us to ask growers to work in accordance with our procurement policy:

Tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world after water. Tea production provides a livelihood for millions of people in the countries where tea is grown. The tea trade is based on strong ties between people. Palais des Thés wants to help its customers learn about the cultures of the tea-growing countries, by sharing its travel stories and experiences.