About us

Our tea brand is Palais des Thés, founded in 1987 by French founders, to ensure the freshness and quality of our products, we buy the tea directly from the growers, and our founders regularly visit tea plantations throughout the year, Growth and working conditions of tea pickers, and enforce standards of safety and hygiene.

It is also our way to get to know the cultures and people behind tea. Thanks to the direct contact with planters and the maintenance of close relationships with suppliers, we are able to bring you the most rare, new and prestigious teas from around the world, along with environmental conditions, plantation conditions and fair trade principles.

Palais des Thés stores in Israel

Dizengoff branch

○ In 2010, we opened the first branch of Palais des Thés in Israel on Dizengoff Street in Tel Aviv. The store has a huge selection of amazing teas and infusions. The store also offers tea accessories, teapots and of course tea cups. You are invited to come and ask any question about tea, our expert staff is waiting for you.

Dizengoff 131, corner of Gordon, Tel Aviv – 03-5221317
Sunday to Thursday: 9:30am – 8pm | Friday: 9am – 4pm

Sarona Market branch

In the summer of 2015 we opened our second branch in Israel – at Sarona Market. In the market you can purchase the world’s best food products and of course our wonderful teas. You are invited to enjoy the underground parking that connects directly to the market.

Aluf Kalman Magen 3, Tel Aviv – 03-5173935
Sunday – Thursday: 9am to 10pm; Friday: 9 am till one hour before start of Shabbat; Saturday: 9am to 10pm

Charles Peguine

Charles Peguine is the founder of Palais des Thes in Israel

Francois-Xavier Delmas

Our founder, François-Xavier Delmas, travels the world in search of the finest teas. For the past 30 years he has spent much of his time visiting gardens and plantations, meeting farmers and producers. This has given him an in-depth knowledge of the tea regions, terroirs and techniques, and above all allowed him to forge close ties with the people who dedicate their lives to making the best teas.

Thanks to this constant presence in the field, François-Xavier has been able to taste some exceptional teas and discover rare pluckings that are prized local specialities, but often completely unknown in the West. This inestimable knowledge is particularly reflected in the selection of rare, limited-edition and artisanal teas available in Le Palais des Thés stores. Every week, François-Xavier shares his knowledge on his blog, Discovering Tea, describing his visits to tea plantations, the people he meets, and his thoughts and experiences.

Mathias Minet

Mathias Minet joined Palais des Thés alongside François-Xavier Delmas in the late 1990s. Together, they have led the growth of the company, bringing tea to as many people as possible. In 1999 they set up the Tea School to share their expertise and experience in tea tasting. They have also written two books on tea: Le Guide de dégustation de l’amateur de thé (Edition du Chêne 2007), which has been the leading French-language guide to tea for the past 10 years, and more recently Tea Sommelier, Le thé en 160 leçons illustrées (Edition du Chêne 2016).

For 20 years, Mathias has been creating unique flavoured blends for Palais des Thés including hugely popular teas such as Thé du Hammam, Blue of London and Vive le thé!

ז’אן-לוק פאושר-קרטאו

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Our favorite products

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